Race Results

1st Race Results 28/9/2023 Αποτελέσματα 1ης Ιστιοδρομίας Πανελλήνιο Κύπελο  28/9/2023 ORC Sportboat Europeans 2023 Πανελλήνιο Κύπελο ORC Sportboat 2023


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About the club

Nautical Club of Kalamaki (N.C.K) was established in 1947 by men who loved the sea and water sportsmanship. In these sixty four years of continuous presence in the country’s sea-arena, Nautical Club of Kalamaki (N.C.K) has been proudly producing Sailing Olympic Winners, World Champions, winners of Balkan competitions, Greek championship winners, a successful Water Polo team which has been a constant competitor of A1 National League, as well as a big number of ordinary people who have come to love sea and water sports through the Club and have actively occupied themselves through its activities ( N.C.K is a non-profit sports association, recognized by the General Secretariat of Sports of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and member of all relevant federations.  Furthermore, the club has more than three hundred active athletes and two hundred new children that exercise themselves in the various sport academies of our relevant categories (Sailing, swimming, water polo, diving, canoe – kayak, tennis etc). Guidance, training and coaching is performed form experienced and certified by the National Authority trainers. See the N.C.K’s video presentation